Instructional Leadership to improve the learning experience for our students

Drumshanbo VS  is a participant in the Instructional Leadership programme, initiated in the post primary sector in Ireland by the IVEA (now the ETBI).  This programme is facilitated by Professor Barrie Bennett, author of "Graphic Intelligence", "Classroom Management" and "Beyond Monet".  This programme aims to:

• Encourage teachers to consciously modify their instructional methods so as to maximise student learning
• Facilitate the conscious and deliberate utilisation of teacher actions
• Foster an awareness of how teacher actions can impact on student learning
• Enhance classroom management

This year two of our teachers are in their second year of the Instructional Leadership Programme. These teachers help disseminate these teaching methods among colleagues and are involved in constant training and networking among others trained teachers in other schools.  The ETBI envisage that these methods will eventually become common place in the repertoire of all professional teachers. It is expected that these teaching methods will help to make the learning experience a more enjoyable and successful one for our students.

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